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Vertical Blinds


Arches & Specialty Shapes

At our Dean Martin facility, we fabricate and manufacture the Decomatic head rail for vertical blinds.  The best made head rail in America when it comes to vertical blinds giving consumers years of trouble-free hassle without worrying about the vertical stem inserts breaking off over time.  All of our vanes are manufactured in Ravenna, OH.

General Specifications:

Heavy-duty vertical head rail system capable of rotating and traversing widths up to 240" for residential and commercial applications.  The hook replacement feature is provided with all Decomatic head rails.  Available in wand or cord controls, head rail is made of extruded aluminum alloy in an Anodized finish.

Each carrier is 5/16" wide with two wheels, molded of self lubricating plastic such as Celcon.  The carriers have a geared clutch system for overload protection and stainless steel clutch spring to reinforce positive action.  There also is a unique stabilizer bar designed to fit into the extruded slot in the aluminum head rail.  The hooks of the carrier are made of a clear, high ultra-violet resistant Lexan and are replaceable even while the unit is installed.  The carriers provide the vanes 185 degree rotation.

With a factory dedicated trained team of carpenters, installers and skilled laborers, we take pride in making solid poly and real wood shutters that consumers can enjoy for years to come.

Siegel Poly Shutters

Louver shutter components are made of solid polymer foam under a high temperature with a baked on water borne paint.  The poly surface gives you ease of maintenance and durability.  Plus these window shutter components offer excellent energy efficiency and are a great sound insulator. The products are green, environmentally friendly, low carbon, energy saving and welcomed by the market and consumers of all ages at home and abroad market has a broad market prospects and marketing space.

Siegel Wood Shutters

We use only 100% North American hardwood in the construction of our wood shutters because of its light weight, consistent color, hardness, structural stability, and attractive grain. Available in Basswood or Alder, they give a high-quality, furniture grade finish. Custom stains are available and add a beautiful look to any decor.

Whether your windows are square, oval, arched, trapezoids, or even egg shaped we can custom make any type of wood shutters or fixed arches to beautify these windows and cut down the heat and glare.

Fixed Arches

Wooden borders available in a smooth or matching shutter profile frames with 2" or 2-1/2" fauxwood blind slats stapled and attached to the frame.  Available in a horizontal fixed position or sunburst fan option either partially opened or closed.  This is the most cost effective method to treat these windows.

Specialty Shapes

All materials consist of basswood raw components as the basis and are primed and painted afterwards or custom stained to match whatever the order desires.  This includes the frames, louvers and stiles.  Any customization such as Tableaux inserted with shutter panels, vertical shutters or multi-color facets can also be done at our Dean Martin facility.  Lead times may vary based on the extent of the project.

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